Changing Norfolk

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My plan is to make Norfolk into a more appealing place to be. Personally I do not like cities and highly populated urban areas. Therefore my plan is to turn all of the abandoned houses, buildings, stores, etc, into parks. I believe this will provide a nice contrast to the overabundance of buildings.

I plan to do this by first asking the city of Norfolk to provide the funding for one project. After completing one transformation of a rundown building into a park, I would like to advertise this through fliers to inform the public of what can be done to these abandoned lots. Hopefully the public will then see the possibilities that can be done and then donate to future projects. I believe after a hopeful successful attempt, the community will be more inclined to donate their money to provide future funding.


The Shareable Future of Cities

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•How many people does Steffen estimate we will have living in or near cities by mid-century? 8 billion.

•Explain how you agree or disagree with Steffen’s point that our energy use is “predestined” rather than “behavioral”. I agree that it is predestined because now we are so dependent on everyday things that use energy, that we now have to use it to carry out everyday activities.

•What correlation does Steffen make between a city’s density and its climate emissions? He said the higher the density the lower the emissions.

•What are the “eco districts” that Steffen mentions? How you see these as feasible or unfeasible in a city like Norfolk? Personally I don’t think people would like living in such close proximity to one another.

•Explain how you agree or disagree with the “threshold effect” that Steffen discusses related to transportation. He says by eliminating personal transportation we are actually getting rid of the whole system such as the cars, car factories, roads and highways, and everything used to make all of those.

•What does Steffen mean by the idea that, “…even space itself is turning into a service…”? Can you provide any examples that you see here in Norfolk or elsewhere? Parking spots regulated by meter officers.

•Describe your understanding of Steffen’s argument that, “…it’s not about the leaves above, but the systems below…”. He is saying that it’s not about how green it looks to us, but how healthy the ecosystem actually is.

•Finally, overall in what way(s) do you see Steffen’s ideas working / not working here in Norfolk? Spend time with this question! I think he has good ideas and good intentions, but I don’t see how he could think people are going to ditch their cars and live in a super crowded apartment. People would not be able to travel as easily to places say 30 minutes away because they no longer have a car and it’s a little far for the town bus.

Abstract 1: Technology Overview and Impact

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Begley, S. (2001). PROTECTING AMERICA The Top 10 Priorities. (Cover story). Newsweek, 138(19), 26.

In the article PROTECTING AMERICA the top 10 priorities, it explained Americas state of security and ways to improve it. The article started off explaining an anthrax attack on the U.S. through letters traveling through the postal system. When informing the public on the issue, U.S. officials assured its citizens that the anthrax cannot escape through the envelope and that there is no need to worry. After two postal workers soon died, officials stated that there was no way of telling if exposure to the laced letters was harmful or not. Americans began to question whether or not they were giving reliable information, and how secure and prepared the U.S. really is for attacks like these. New policies and precautions will be introduced to help America be a safer and more prepared nation.

I thought the article was good at showing how Americas national security really is. I feel that it takes an instance like this or the attacks on the world trade center for the U.S. to realize that we are not prepared. I think that since the September 11th attacks the U.S. definitely increased its awareness to our national security. the article proves how it takes something bad to happen for the U.S. to take steps to pay attention to these issues.

Article on IBM worker droping email and using social media


I thought the article was interesting and that it related to our stem110t class. An employee at IBM stopped using his email and prefers to connect with people through social media networks such as twitter and google+. This applies to our stem110t class because it’s the same thing we are doing with our blogs.

my first post

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first post 🙂

Hello world!

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